EM & Agriculture

EM technology was developed in order reduce the dependency of agriculture on chemicals and artificial fertilisers and as such has been widely adopted in countries where such commodities are beyond the reach of many.

Just because EM technology has been embraced by less developed countries, does not mean that it has no place in the UK's advanced agriculture sector - on the contrary - with the ever increasing demand for 'natural food', EM technology is an ideal solution.
EM technology can be used by both 'intensive' and 'organic' farmers - it will suppress disease, increase the fertility and productivity of the soil, animals and crops and the environment.

Applying EM Technology on the farm. - See Agricultural EM Products

EM Silage: A silage additive that contains EM - it produces a high quality silage, even in unfavourable conditions at a cost of £1/tonne. The end product is more palatable to cows, increases milk yield (1 Kilo/day/cow), reduces methane production in the rumen, produces better quality milk and is far stable when exposed to than normal silage.
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N-Hance: When added to slurry, it keeps it in liquid form and prevents the formation of a crust. It also significantly reduces ammonia, converting it into organic nitrogen which can be readily taken up by grass. Using N-Hance results in an extra 1 Kg of available N per cu M of slurry - reducing your fertiliser costs.
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Vulcamin Bedding Powder is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry. In both cubicles and loose housing systems the beneficial properties of Vulcamin are quickly noticed. Unlike lime, Vulcamin does not react with ammonium nitrogen in slurry - lime reacts to produce ammonia which is then lost, so Vulcamin helps to retain vital nitrogen in your slurry.

Ostrea Sea Shell flour is a source of chalk derived from natural shell banks in the North Sea. The shells are dried and then ground to a powder. Sea-shell chalk is a rich source of calcium carbonate (96.1 %) with a minimal water content. Apart from being a rich natural source of minerals, Ostrea stabilises rumen pH, eliminating rumen acidosis and it's associated problems.

Organo Fresh TMR Mix  is a ready to use solution based on EM Effective Micro-organisms to prevent heating and spoilage in animal feed mixes. 100% organic natural components improves keeping qualities of feed especially in warm weather.

EM-A: Activated EM - can be used freely around the farm and added to the animals drinking water. It will eliminate odours, suppress diseases and improve the health of your both your animals & crops.
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