EM- 1

EM is available in two sizes - 1 & 10 Litre.

The shelf life of EM-1 if un-opened, is 12 months.

Once opened the EM should preferably be used wihin one month.

EM Fermenters

EM Fermenters

The fermenters are required for activating EM - to produce EM-A.

Our fermenters are available in a variety of sizes:
30, 60, 120, 220 & 1000 litre capacity.

The ones shown here are the 30, 60 & 120 litre.

They come supplied with a heater, tap and vent for the top

EM Silage

EM Silage                                         Download Flyer

EM-Silage is an extreemly 'cost effective' silage additive which can be used with any crop, be it grass, maize or other. It is applied at the same rate, regardless of crop type or time of year.

EM-Silage is a cultured bacterial inoculant, which contrary to many other bacterial inoculants, contains not only lactic acid bacteria but also yeasts, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and fermentative moulds.

EM Silage is supplied in 20L (250 tons), 5L (67.5 tons), 4L (50 tons) or 1L (12.5 ton) size containers.

N-Hance + slurry treatment

N-Hance+ Slurry Treatment               Download Flyer

N-Hance is a ready-to-use product for improving all kinds of liquid manure. It comprises N-Hance liquid and N-Hance minerals, which are added to the pit on a weekly basis.

N-Hance changes the conditions of liquid manure to such an extent that anaerobic fermentation (maturing in poor oxygen conditions) takes place.
This leads to the shifting of mineral nitrogen to organically bound nitrogen leading to improvements in nitrogen use efficiency.

vulcamin bedding powder

Vulcamin Bedding Powder                  Download Flyer

Vulkamin® is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry. In both cubicles and loose housing systems the beneficial properties of Vulcamin are quickly noticed. Unlike lime, Vulcamin does not react with ammonium nitrogen in slurry - lime reacts to produce ammonia which is then lost, so Vulcamin helps to retain vital nitrogen in your slurry.

How Vulcamin works.
The disinfectant effect of vulcamin is due to the rapid rise in pH. Microbes cannot tolerate fast changes in pH and most of them will die off. This is the case with the mastitis causing microbes, Strepptococcus. The pH rise of 2 points in the cubicle means the acidity is reduced by 100x in less than 10 minutes. Other pathogenic bacteria which may be present in the cubicles will also be prohibited in multiplying.

ostrea sea shell flour

Ostrea Sea Shell Flour                          Download Flyer

Ostrea Crushed Sea Shell flour is a source of chalk derived from natural shell banks in the North Sea. The shells are dried and then ground to a powder. Sea-shell chalk is a rich source of calcium carbonate (96.1 %) with a minimal water content. Apart from being a rich natural source of minerals, Ostrea stabilises rumen pH, eliminating rumen acidosis and it's associated problems.

Neutralising the acetic acid in the rumen is not the only benefit when feeding Ostrea. The calcium carbonate also fulfills the calcium requirements the animal needs, by acting as a byproduct. The calcium is absorbed by the animal over a period of time which contributes to overal animal health.    How it works download

Organo Fresh TMR mix

Organo Fresh TMR Mix                           Download Flyer

A liquid ready to use solution based on EM Effective Micro-organisms to prevent heating and spoilage in animal feed mixes. 100% organic natural components improves keeping qualities of feed especially in warm weather.

EM-TMR heat reducer is a product based on fermentation by microbes. The product itself is not microbiologically active. TMR contains a mixture of organic acids and alcohols. TMR contains also a yeast extract due to the fact that yeast is used in the fermentation process. The effectivity of TMR is based on the low pH ( 2.8-2.9) the product has. The natural acidic composition makes it totally harmless for man, animal and machinery. It is not corrosive.

EM ceramics

EM ceramics

The clay used in EM ceramics are fermented with EM prior to baking. Diring the fermentaion process, the EM microbes establish a 'resonance' in the silica crystals in the clay.

Once 'fired' this resonance remains and is particulary receptive to far infra-red raidiation.

If placed in water, the ceramics exert an influence on the water molecules, effectively re-structuring them by breaking up the 'clumps' formed due to the presence of impurities present.

This result is that the water both tastes better and is more readily absorbed by the body. The cermaics will not remove impurities, but will keep water fresher for longer and will inhibit the growth of alage in water troughs.

More information on EM Ceramics can be found here.





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