N-Hance+ Dairy Farm Slurry Treatment.
Reducing your dependence on inorganic nitrogen fertilisers!

Farm slurry is an extremely valuable resource and if managed correctly can reduce dependence on inorganic fertilisers.

By using Effective MicroOrganisms and N-Hance +, the farmer will reduce the farm's nitrogen feriliser usage by up to 1 Kg/CuM of treated slurry; it will also save money by eliminating the need to mix the slurry as it prevents crust formation. In addition, the EM microbes in the slurry will, once applied, improve soil fertility, increasing yields.

Why is N-Hance Different?

Yes there are other slurry additives on the market, all either based on microbes or enzymes. What they don't take into account is the fact that the slurry from the housing is a mixture of manure and urine -so what? Urine is contains a lot of salts, which is not beneficial to microbes. When a cow drops maure in a field, the grass grows, a basic fact - but then it doesn't urinate at the same time and in the same place ..! This is natural. If you mix the two, the balance is upset.

By adding N-Hance+ to farm slurry before it is added to a storage tank that has already been innoculated with EM microbes, means that the microbes will have a stable environment to work in.       ADDITIONALLY, N-Hance+ neutralises any anti-microbial chemicals that might have been added to the slurry - these might be antibiotics in the catlles diet or disinfectants used in washing out the milking parlour.

In addition EM & N-Hance reduces the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere in its gaseous forms.

By treating farm slurry with EM (Effective Microorganisms) and N-Hance will reduce odours and emissions to the atmosphere, prevent crust formation and will convert the slurry into a valuable resource that is easy to manage. EM will even help to liquefy manure that has a high solids content and which would normally take time and effort to remove from under slats - while at the same time, improving the quality of the end product.
Manufactured by Agriton BV of Holland. N-Hance is fully compatible with organic farming systems.

N-Hance+ slurry treatment

N-Hance + is a ready-to-use product for improving all kinds of liquid manure. It is added to slats on a weekly basis at the rate of 1L/50 cows.

N-Hance + changes the conditions of liquid manure to such an extent that anaerobic fermentation (maturing in poor oxygen conditions) takes place.
This leads to the shifting of mineral nitrogen to organically bound nitrogen leading to improvements in nitrogen use efficiency.

This kind of fermentation results in a better quality manure for the soil and the crops with the following effects:

Not only will the slurry be easier to handle, but will contain 'organic nitrogen' (in the form of amino acids) produced by the action of microbes in EM feeding on it - this 'organic nitrogen' will be rapidly absorbed by the soil microbes when applied to the land and which in turn is then assimilated by the plants.
As a result, the leaching is nitrogen is significantly reduced when compared to untreated slurry - this equates to reducing the dependence of inorganic nitrogen by the 1Kg per cubic metre of slurry.

N-Hance will therefore not only reduce your dependence on nitrogen fertiliser - but will also significantly reduce nitrogen leaching and the environmental problems associated with this.
With the impending nitrogen legislation - EM & N-Hance can help you!

EM treated farm slurry


Farm slurry treated with EM & N-Hance

As one can see in the picture opposite, the slurry is going through a fermentation process due to the presence of the EM - hence the presence of foam on the surface of the slurry.

The slurry is both liquid and homogeneous, making its dispersal easier and saving the farmer time and money.

Additionally, the slurry does not smell, even during mixing.

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