EM-A - Activated EM

EM is sold as EM-1, which is EM in its dormant state and which has a shelf life of 12 months if the bottle is unopened. However, because the EM is dormant it will require both food and warmth before it reaches its full potential it is therefore recommended that it is activated before using - this is also he most cost effective method.

Making EM-A is done by mixing EM-1 with sugar cane syrup (molasses), not sugar beet syrup and water and allowing them to ferment in a sealed vessel (ensure a one way valve is present, so that the CO2 produced during the fermentation can escape) for 7 days at @ 30deg centigrade. Mix at the ratio 5% EM-1:5% molasses:90% water. Do not use a metallic heating element in the fermenter - a thermostatically controlled fish tank heater is ideal.

Practical tips for making EM-A