EM Bokashi

EM Bokashi is organic material that has been fermented with EM, molasses and water under anaerobic conditions. The resultant material is a wonderful soil improver, not only because it is nutrient rich but also because the EMs have multiplied and can rapidly combine with the soil to both improve the soil structure and create a disease suppressing soil.

EM Bokashi can be made from a variety of organic materials, including animal waste such as cow and horse manure or green waste.  See EM Composting

EM Bokashi Bran

EM Bokashi bran is wheat bran that has been fermented with EM, molasses and water. It can be used to 'compost' kitchen waste in a 'bokashi bucket' or as a nutritional supplement for animals - especially ruminants - such as horses as well as poultry. The EMs in the bran not only improve the gut flora, making digestion more efficient, but they also have probiotic qualities which will improve the animals health and boost their immune systems.

EM Bokashi Bran Supplies

Sustainable Soil and Water Ltd makes and supplies EM Bokashi bran. If you are looking for a small supply of Bokashi bran for composting kitchen waste on-line, we recommend this site www.recycleworks.co.uk

For larger quantities, please contact us.