Making EM (Bokashi)Compost

Use a combination of organic materials with either a high or low ratio of carbon and nitrogen, e.g. wood/straw and grass. In order to increase the microbial diversity as much as possible, it is recommended that at least three different materials are used.

The method for making a typical Bokashi compost is as follows:

1. Organic material (kitchen/garden waste) 100 litres (volume)
2. EM-Active 200 ml (dilute with water - see below)
3. Dilute this EM-Active solution slightly so that it can be mixed with the various fresh organic materials such as     grass, weeds, shredded cuttings etc.
4. Heap the material up in layers and press down firmly so that as much oxygen as possible is released from the     heap.
5. Finally cover the heap with a plastic sheet or a piece of carpet.
6. Leave this to ferment for at least six weeks before using the material as plant fertiliser.

NOTE: The final product is not composted but fermented. This means the EM-Active will transform the heap into valuable fertiliser for ground and plants. The end result will not look the same as traditional compost but it is pre-fermented so that soil organisms can make optimal use of the material and there is absolutely no wastage which occurs from a rotting process.

The amount of water you use to dilute the EM-Active depends on the moistness of the material used. The degree of moistness of the heap must not be higher than thirty percent. You can check this as follows: press the materials with your hands into a lump - the lump should remain whole and no moisture should leak from it.

Almost all organic materials are suitable for making Bokashi. If you are a keen gardener, there is nothing to stop you making your own at very little cost.

0.5 kg Bokashi / m 2.6.

Traditional Compost Heaps

Use of EM-Active as starter for traditional compost.

The traditional way of making compost from kitchen/garden waste can be advanced by applying EM-Active regularly to the compost heap or container. Use: 1-2 litres EM-Active / 1 m or 1000 litres