EM - Effective Microorganisms and Horses

EM Equine Probiotic Bran

EM Equine Bran is a totally natural feed supplement for horses and is made by fermenting wheat bran with only EM, molasses and water and which when fed to horses will boost their natural immunity, keeping them fit, healthy and give them wonderful shiny coats. What's more, they will love it! It contains no chemicals or preservatives.

The bran is fermented with EM (Effective MicroOrganisms), which include lactic acid bacteria and yeasts producing a "symbiotica".

This Symbiotica is a combination of prebiotics and probiotic compounds.
The probiotics have more than one property, including working as good bacteria that stimulate the activity of the internal microflora in the intestines.
The prebiotics are nutrient fibres that promote the growth of these good bacteria.
The lactic acid bacteria will assist with the breakdown of food fibres, aiding digestion.
The yeasts present will produce Vitamin B and other substances which will improve the microbial fermentation and digestion of fibres in the horses gut. This 'synergy' of good bacteria and fibres stimulates the intestinal flora positively. You may well take probiotics drinks/yoghurts to boost your own digestion - so why not do the same for your horse?

The digestive system of horses was designed for handling a variety of plant matter, however when stabled a horse can be given a diet that is perhaps a 'little too rich' and is maybe too rich in sugars. This can upset the gut flora, which in turn can lead to other problems such as laminitis - EM Equine Bran will redress this balance and will improve the uptake of nutrients in the gut and will result in improved digestion and which therefore leads to a reduction in fodder costs. Moreover, the animals get a beautiful healthy coat and ofetn moults quicker.

How to Use? Just add a couple of handfulls (100gms) of bran to your horses feed on a daily basis. Try feeding the bran on it's own and see what your horse thinks of it!

EM in the Stable

Effective Microorganisms (EM) are exteemly efficient at reducing odours in stables - especially that of urine. The EM will feed on the urine, both fresh and old eliminating he smell of ammonia. In doing so, the leave the stable fresher and far more healthy - not just because the lack of smell, but because the EM will multiply in the stable litter and in doing so will supress any harmfull pathogens that might be present.

By improving the quality of the stable litter, EM will also reduce hoof ailments.

The stable litter will not retain its quality for longer, but when added to the manure heap will ensure you end up with excellent manure that doesn't smell because the EMs will continue to work - 'fermenting' the manure into a even more useful by-product.

Simply spray at least 100ml of Activated EM (EM-A) per square metre over the stable litter one a week - it's as simple as that! You will notice the difference within no time at all.

Activated EM (EM-A) can also be used for disinfecting stables, brushes, blankets and other materials used in horse keeping. It is a non-aggressive product for humans, animals and equipment. EM-A is a mixture of 'good' micro-organisms that is diluted with lukewarm water.
The micro-organisms use the dirt as food in order to multiply themselves. By inoculating with EM-A, the positive micro-organisms are stimulated resulting in the suppression of disease-causing micro-organisms.

For more information or to order, please either phone on 01995 640438 or email: enquiries@emsustains.co.uk