Below are a selection of interesting documents (PDF) which you will find interesting.

  1. Higa Presentation RAC Cirecester.
  2. Action of heat delayers using EM silage.
  3. EM Silage handout.
  4. On-farm impact of cattle slurry manure management on biological soil quality.
  5. EM silage stability report by Wageningen University.
  6. Effects of use of EM-silage in corn silage
  7. The effects of grass silage treated with EM Silage on methane and volatile fatty acid production in the rumen.
  8. Using EM in the Home & Garden
  9. Current Use of EM Technology in German Dairy Farms
  10. EM-1 Product Data Safety Sheet


Usefull links including EM distributors worldide.

  1. Effective Micro-Organisms (UK)
  2. Agriton BV, Netherlands
  3. EM Corporation
  4. EM Distributors Worldwide
  5. EM Naturally Active
  6. The Recycle Works Ltd
  7. All Things Eco