Effective Microorganisms EM and Ornamental fish

Improving koi health with EM - Effective Microorganisms

To the enthusiastic fish keeper, keeping your prize koi in prime condition is obviously the No 1 concern.

Even if all the parameters are 'spot on', the actual water itself can loose some of its 'energy' simply because it has been recycled and subjected to various treatments as part of the filtration process. In addition, because your fish are living in such a pristine environment, their immune systems are not really being challenged - this could make them more susceptible to infection compared to fish growing in a natural environment.

With many years experience in the aquaculture industry, we know that both EM® - Effective Microorganisms and EM ceramics will beneficial to both the health of your fish and will transform your water quality, boosting the health of your fish.

EM® has been shown to boost the immune systems of fish (download here) and will also improve the efficiency of your filtration system by helping with both the removal of metabolites and the reduction of sludge in the filter.
Simply add 1 litre of EM-1 /1000 litres of water to your system once a year. The cost of EM-1 is £17.00 + VAT.

EM Ceramics
EM Ceramics have the ability to 're-energise' water and in doing so will improve its quality both for the fish and the microbes working in your filter system. You need 1Kg of EM ceramics to every 1000 litres of water - not only will the ceramics energise the water, but they will also help to control algae. The ceramics will continue to work for 10 years and are sold in 500gm bags at £23.00 + VAT each.

Ultrasonic Algae Control
We are now selling a new range of digital ultrasonic algal control products. The ultrasound generated is totally harmless to fish and apart from eliminating algae from your pond it has other benefits.

Firstly, it will remove biofilm - this is the 'slime' that grows on the sides of tanks. Biofilm is formed initially by bacteria, however their presence provides a foothold onto which algae can attach and grow - the ultrasound destroys the bacteria thereby removing this problem.
Secondly, as mentioned above, ultrasound destroys bacteria and we have found that fish will tend to congregate around the transducer because they seem to learn that the ultrasound has a cleaning effect on their bodies and in particular the gills, which are always been subjected to bacterial attack. It is as though they learn that if they swim near the ultrasound transducer, all those nasty itches disappear.

We believe this is the perfect combination of products to give healthy, happy fish.

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