Using EM for Odour Control

The effective control of odours can at times be a real problem and especially if they originate from decomposing organic matter. This would include such activities as commercial composting, sewage treatment, agricultural slurry and in animal housing. Farm slurries are dealt with elsewhere on this website.

Controlling the odours with EM is simple to use, cost effective and inexpensive to use. By spraying the offending material with EM-A (activated EM), not only will odours rapidly disappear but the fact that EM is being added will speed up the decomposition of the offending material and suppress the pathogens that thrive in this kind of environment.

Commercial Composting

EM is widely used throughout the world both in small and large commercial composting systems with dramatic effects, turning unwated waste ino a valuable resource. When added during the composting process, EM both speeds up he process and elimates all odours.

Animal Housing

Odour control in animal housing can cause real problems. These are caused by a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen sulphie, trimehylamine and methylmercapton. These are the same compounds that the microbes in EM feed on and in doing so, eliminate the problem. If left untreated, the fumes from these same compounds will affect both the respiratory system and eyes of the animals and as such will cause the animals health and welfare to suffer.
Regular applications of EM-A will both eliminate this problem and will improve the health of your animals.

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