Using Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Poultry & Game Production.

EM™ will boost the health of your poultry, improve feed conversion and eliminate ammonia and odours in the housing.

EM (Effective Microorganisms) is a totally natural and effective method for ensuring healthy poultry and is ideal for use on both 'commercial' and 'organic' farmed units as well as domestic flocks. When EM is used in rearing sheds, not only will it help suppress and disease, but it will rapidly eliminate and control the ammonia produced by their droppings, as a result the air quality will improve radically.
EM can added to the feed and water - the beneficial microorganisms will improve the gut flora of the birds, making digestion more efficient and thereby helping to reduce feed costs. When a bird has EM in its diet, its immune system will be boosted, its health will improve - and if a layer, will give be productive for longer.

Using EM in poultry units is inexpensive and totally natural. Production units that have adopted EM technology have been radically improved.

Commercial Poultry Units

Orgaferment EM Poultry Probiotic, this new EM product has been specially developed for commercial poultry units and is fully compliant with all EU Animal Feedstuff Regulations.

Orgaferment poultry probiotic is as natural probiotic liquid and is added either to drinking water (1:10,000) which works out at less than 1p per 5 litres of drinking water. It can also be mixed with the feed (4L/tonne). Orgaferment has been shown to have a significant impact on salmonella levels in commercial poultry units.

Orgaferment can also be used by misting within the housing to eliminate ammonia and odours.

Available in either 5 or 20 Litre 'bag in box' containers, Orgaferment has shelf life of 12 months.

When using Orgaferment, we recommend that it is used in conjunction with EM Ceramics to improve the water quality, as these will enhance it's effectiveness.

When EM is used in large commercial poultry units, the birds health is improved and growth rates improve, they keep their feathers, their environment improves and the need for antibiotics is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether - saving the farmer money!

We are currently working with one of the UK's largest egg producers to demonstrate the effectiveness of EM and so far, they claim that their productivity is running at 98%..

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Treatment of chicken sheds and runs
In order to ensure a healthy climate within poultry buildings and to prevent unpleasant odours, spread 0.5 kg Bokashi per m² over the surface of the shed. Regularly spray EM-Active (20ml/litre of water) in order to eliminate the smell of ammonia and to efficiently convert the manure into fertiliser.

By mixing EM fermented bran with the feed will boost the health of your flock. The probiotic qualities of EM will improve both the birds' immune system and their digestion. As a result, odours from the birds droppings will be significantly reduced.

Drinking water
Use either EM-A (10ml/litre) or EM ceramic products in the drinking-water trough or container. Use a proportion of 1gm of ceramics per litre of water in the container.

EM is a new and healthy method of achieving top condition and maintaining it for pigeons. Improve their environment by making up a rich fertiliser from their droppings with EM-Active.

Dilute EM-Active to a solution of 10 ml to 1 litre water. Add this solution to the pigeon drinking water.
Dilute 10 ml to 1 litre water and spray this in the loft.

Manure Handling
Add 1-2 litres of EM-A per CuM of poultry manure.

For more information on using EM in poultry and game units, please contact us.