EM for Swimming Pools

Effective Microorganisms (EM) make a wonderful alternative to the traditional chemical methods of keeping swimming pools clean. EM will not only remove any 'organic' material in the water originating from the bathers, but will also supress any harmfull organisms and in particular E.coli, thereby eliminating the need for chlorine based compounds.

If used in conjunction with EM ceramics, the efficiency is increased as the ceramics will assist with the prevention of algal build up.

The EM ceramics are placed in the sand filter and will remain working for at least 10 years. The quantity required is 800gms of ceramics for every 1000Litres of water.

EM is applied at a ratio of of 1 part EM:10,000 parts water and is added three times a year, perhaps more if the pool gets heavy use.

The benefit of using EM in swimming pools is that 'stinging' eyes will be a thing of the past and your skin will feel invigorated. It is therefore especially beneficial for people with skin complaints.

For more information on using EM in swimming pools, please contact us.

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